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Before, FIRA maintained its own web application, ‘the FIRA Platform’. At the start of 2019, this platform was taken over by the CSR-Register. However, FIRA is still the point of contact for companies that have been asked to make a CSR report in the FIRA Platform by their client. Together, we compile your verified CSR report, using the toolbox of the CSR-Register. Your report is then published in the CSR-Register. This complies with tender requirements concerning CSR reporting.

Modules: Practice Areas


You register with FIRA by sending the registration form to, including your module choice: CSR Quickscan, Basic CSR Report, Extended CSR Report, Complete CSR Report.


FIRA will select the appropriate module for you and administers your registration with the CSR-Register Foundation, thereby activating and preparing your account. 

Get to work

You can start immediately by filling out the obvious information and by collecting  documents relevant for CSR. Your FIRA assessor will contact you to plan process, and will facilitate you in compiling your CSR report.

Verification and publication

When your report is ready, you can submit it for verification and publication. FIRA verifies your information by assessing the evidence provided per claim. After verification, the CSR-Register Foundation scores your performance. The report is published within 10 to 15 work days, including the CSR Scorecard and assurance statement. Your achievements become visible immediately for you and other users of the CSR-Register.

Share your report

Through the register, you can share the report with all your relations. Would you like to also make a professional pdf report we can make the arrangements for you (Premium Marketing). After one year, a new reporting cycle can be started.

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